How Can You Help

As we move forward the question is how can you help?  We will need you to help  this movement by driving the momentum and educating everyone that you meet as to why this innovative plan is needed. As we move forward we first must secure funding for property through donations and grants. The next steps will be funds for infrastructure and then comes the more tangible building the vision.  You can help every step of the way.  When we get the location then we will need many volunteers to join us building the North Carolina Community of Hearts and Homes (NCCHH) and to continue working side by side with the future residents.  

We look forward to this movement growing not only in North Carolina but across the country.  During a trip to Austin, Texas in 2017, Marilee Rose NCCHH Founder and President spent a week at Community First! in Austin Texas.   Being very impressed we are patterning the North Carolina Community of Hearts and Homes on this model.  Marilee stated  “I felt very safe and really felt the peace and hope that permeated the Community First! Village”.

If you are interested in learning more about the North Carolina Community of Hearts and Homes, or would like to have a speaker at your local event please reach out to us and we would be happy to join you.

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